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The Veitch Index

The veitch Index consists of an organized compilation of the information and data contained in 26 different books, periodicals, journals, newspaper reports, and personal collections written about the Bracebridge area since its beginning. A great deal of work and many years have has been invested in assembling the work resulting in its being readily accessible and available so that enquiries can be responded to quickly and conveniently.

The founder and creator of “The Veitch Index” is pleased to provide information on the history of Bracebridge and area at no cost to those seeking information. However, since this program is not funded in any way, if a great deal of research and photocopying is required in response to an inquiry, a fee may be charged. Be assured it will always be a fair charge, for the most part to cover expenses. A lifetime of dedication has gone into creating this work and it is a source of pride that the information can be made readily available.


The creator of the Veitch Index can be contacted at the following:

Kenneth Carman Veitch
97 Glendale Rd.
, Ontario, Canada
P1L 1A7
Telephone 1 705 645 5396


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