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Articles and Reports by KC Veitch

Copies of these articles may be available for purchase upon request.


-After spending a number of years successfully rebuilding a “house league” for the children of a local minor hockey organization that had almost collapsed, the writer put down his method on paper in this 37 page manual.  Many minor hockey organizations purchased copies and made use of this system to improve their operations; including Wisconsin, Sault Ste. Marie, Moosonee, Garson, Oro, New Liskeard, and others.


My early days as a boy in UFFORD…and stories people tell me!

-A 91 page true life story of growing up in a pioneer Muskoka community telling of many, some happy, some sad, tales as seen through the eyes of a child and young adult.


A Friend in Deed

-A short story that won the Muskoka Publications Award about the difficulties experienced by those who lived, and survived the depression of the 1920s and 1930s.


The following articles were written for families or friends of the subject, researchers or various publications.  They are all based on the information contained in the numerous books, periodicals, personal collections and diaries that form the basis for The Veitch Index, or from my own knowledge.




-This document formed part of the program for the 2000 Capital Fund Foundation dinner held in recognition of the 125 anniversary of Bracebridge as a municipality.


Albion Hotel

-An amended version of an article written for “What’s Up Muskoka”.



-In response to an enquiry received at the Public Library, this description of previous skating and hockey rinks was written.


Aubrey Street

- a liitle history


Baseball in Bracebridge-A brief review

-Written for the ribbon cutting and official opening of the Peake Fields new fastball complex in 2010



-A quick synopsis of its founding



-A summary of the many achievements of Bracebridge in Lacrosse


Bridges-Silver Bridge

-The story of the creation of a new entrance to Bracebridge and the building of the Silver Bridge over the Bracebridge Falls


Rene M. Caisse -A Brief History of

-Written for Roy McGregor as a resource document for his Globe and Mail article on Rene M. Caisse and her cancer remedy Essiac and for staff instruction in the operating manual for the Rene M. Caisse Theatre


Rene Caisse & Essiac

-A speech written and presented to the Teachers Federation


Changing Times in Bracebridge

-Written for North Country Business, describing the challenges that have faced people from the earliest days of the community due to changing times and situations.


The Cheese Factory

-A little known early attempt to establish a new enterprise in Bracebridge.


Russell (Chub) Downey

-This document was prepared for the unveiling ceremony of the sign dedicating a street to this well known and respected former resident.


Early Settlers and Logging

-Difficulties with the Free Grant Lands and Homesteads Act and logging across Muskoka, written for North Country Business.


Early Bracebridge Industries

--Bracebridge history for “The Financial Exchange” newspaper feature article.


More Early History

--Bracebridge history for “The Financial Exchange” newspaper feature article.


First bank and Telephone in Bracebridge

--Bracebridge history for “The Financial Exchange” newspaper feature article.


First Local Government

--Bracebridge history for “The Financial Exchange” newspaper feature article.


The First Treasurer

-Bracebridge history for “The Financial Exchange” newspaper feature article.


First Town Hall and Auditorium Events

-The first Bracebridge Town Hall of 1881 and the renowned auditorium.


Free Grant and Homesteads Act

-A synopsis of the policies promoted to settle Muskoka Crown Land  in the earliest days of the District and the resulting hardships, mixed with some success’s, that are now the heritage of the legislation.

Norm Harkness

-Prepared and presented by the writer as a eulogy at Norms funeral service.


Alfred Hunt

-Written for a family member researching the family of this influential entrepreneur of Bracebridge.


 Masonic Lodge

-A brief history of the Masonic Lodge in Bracebridge and its early leaders.


Mayors Chain of Office of the Town of Bracebridge

-Written for the information of the newly elected 2011 Municipal Council outlining the efforts of the writer and Robert C. Dolphin in creating this important emblem of office.


Memorial Park

-Every November 11th of every year a moving ceremony is held in Memorial Park in Bracebridge in recognition of those from the Bracebridge area who served in the armed services.  Sadly, aside from seeing the memorial listing all those who died in combat, those gathered know little about why this beautiful park was established in 1900 and called “Memorial”.  This article was written for the Master of Ceremonies so that he could tell a little of its history as part of the annual service.


Memorial Park  Bandstand

-A history of the bandstand, how it was created and its previous location is described.



-A history of the two large cannons on bases of concrete, that are located in the park is contained in this article.


Bert Minett Boat Launch

-The public boat launch ramp in Bracebridge Bay was dedicated to Bert Minett and this article was written for the dedication ceremony.


Minor Hockey in Bracebridge

-A brief history as part of the arena 60th anniversary


Muskoka Road

-A history of how it has evolved over the years in response to a request to change the name of part of it, as requested by the Bracebridge Municipal Council.


Muskoka River

-Its importance in the development of Muskoka and Bracebridge in particular.



-Early growth and development of Muskoka, written for “Where Muskoka”.


Nipissing University

-A personal view point submitted as a letter to the editor regarding the changing uses of Jubilee Park since its beginning.


Old Station Restaurant Property

-A local newspaper was preparing a special report in support of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Old Station Restaurant so they asked if I could provide some supporting material.  Only part of it got used but this document tells it all.


Pawson, Richard-Harness Maker/Saddler

-A Bracebridge resident acquired a horse halter identified as being made by Richard Pawson so he asked that this report be prepared. 



-Prepared for relatives of the early pioneers that settled in the “New Jerusalem” abandoned village in Bracebridge prior to conducting a tour of that area.


Josiah Pratt

-His history in Bracebridge from 1882



-Written in response to a request from a family member seeking to find more information on the Sherwoods who were pioneer residents of the Ufford/Three Mile Lake area.


Fred Sander

-A brief history of the Sander family in Bracebridge



-Who they were, how they got started and what they did in Bracebridge.



-How it got started as described by Norm Archer


St. Josephs Church

-Prepared for the church for use in their celebration of their 125th anniversary.


Towers of Bracebridge

-A description of some of the “towers” as part of buildings in Bracebridge.


Water Falls-Bracebridge Falls

-Telling the significant historical events that have been experienced here.


Water Falls-High Falls

- Telling the significant historical events that have been experienced here.


Water Falls-Wilson’s Falls

-Telling the significant historical events that have been experienced here.


Water Falls-Muskoka Falls

-Telling the significant historical events that have been experienced here.


West Transportation Corridor

-A personal view point at the request of the opposing residents to a Bracebridge bypass to the west.


Aubrey White

-A research document completed for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources in recognition of the 125th anniversary of their Forest Fire Prevention System founded by this long time Bracebridge resident.


Dr James Francis Williams MD

-Due to the rapidly increasing number of new residents in Bracebridge, one of the Board members for the Annie Williams Recreation Park management committee asked that this brief life story of Dr. Williams, donor of the park property, be written.



-Written for the Bracebridge Chamber of Commerce annual directory.



-A brief outline of its use by the “Muskoka Club”.